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the greatest game is obviously chess
unless you mean a video game
in which case i think either tetris or minecraft
tetris, pacman, minecraft, chess, pong are some of the greatest games of ALL TIME
minecraft is objectively the greatest game of all time
i literally can't think of a game that can even come close to the level it has
in a way minecraft is just a very realistic arg
not even terraria can come close to minecraft
minecraft is 101348051308x better than terraria
lol the funny thing with minecraft is you can actually CREATE chess, tetris, pong; etc in it
there is no better game than minecraft you literally cannot compare


so if i lay down i'm flat, even more proof the earth is flat


all my atoms have their own consciousness


don't you hate having feelings
i wish i was emotionless

if ouroboros eats itself does that mean it will poof out of existence like a black hole


would humans be dumber if they were cold blooded?


trust nobody not even your nobody


i hate these human limitations
i always feel like i'm enslaved
idk how i can focus better
it's hard to when i'm constantly feeling hungry every 3 hours


what is unnatural but necessary?
sex is natural but not necessary to survival

i don't think solipsism is real i create alternate universes inside of my mind which are not of this world

i had this infinite docks dream a few years ago but i don't remember when
but basically in the dream i was running down these docks and each dock had its own label and i was in dock #99991
there was a small red boat to the right side with a little area and to the right you could see the ocean
the patterns kept repeating no matter how much you ran
same shops, boats, alleys; etc
it's one of the few dreams i can envision nearly perfectly to this day


we clowns are the biggest clowns you will find


The Puppetmaster from Avatar: The Last Airbender has to be my favorite episode of the entire series so far, or at least one of them. I like the whole premise of being able to bloodbend and Hama teaching you new methods to waterbend. I think what fascinates me the most is being able to explore new techniques and how to use them. Hama does exactly this with Katara and we learn new ways she can waterbend.
Brilliant episode. I wish to see more like this.


i should combine songs more
like have 2 completely opposing genres and listen to them at the exact same time


i had a dream there was this large tank of a vast variety of marine life and it was in a classroom environment so we had to choose which one would survive out of all of them and the tank was going wild as all the animals were brutally feeding and munching on each other
i chose catfish not understanding the prompt but i wanted to change it to turtle


i had a dream where a rat was trying to eat a cat alive and when the cat tried to escape you could see it had a large deformed nose but quickly after it did this the rat snatched on to the cat and resumed trying to eat it


i wonder what it's like to be able to breathe through gills and lungs at the same time
we will evolve to use less of our body over time once we figure out how to conserve energy better
imagine if our descendants a million years into the future are 130083480230x more functioning than we are in every way
that's tens, if not hundreds of thousands of generations

i hate sleeping 8 hours every day that's so much time wasted
it sucks when you neglect sleep you start to physically feel like garbage so you have to do something about it


yo dj khaled has some great advice
the key to life is to be yourself

i don't like being a human and doing basic human needs, i only like the part where i can apply what i know and go from there
otherwise it just gets boring


aren't you sad there isn't an m&m movie


what would you do if your happy meal smiled back at you


yo twitter where's your life support LOL


do you think there will ever be a platform that will overtake youtube


what if we were arthropods
i wish armored fish were still alive


better call saul should've ended on episode 9, what a terrible last 4 episodes
everything was already set in stone


i ran at a squirrel a week ago and it started making noises around the other squirrels


being unborn and being dead are literally the same thing


ice cube didn't get the vaccine and he lost 9 million dollars because of it


i remember what i remember


idk how normal people find it easy to sleep consistently every day


i can hear so many voices in my head at once
i feel like the otherworldly powers are reaching their hands that look sinister trying to tell me a message
all at once
and i hear a bunch of voices echoing inside my brain all at once
i dont know which one i want to listen to
i cant focus
theres too many
all the spiritual bonds have lead up to this
my brain feels like its shrinking
when your growth of knowledge expands does that mean your brain is getting smaller
because its always at a constant
how does that even work
im too retarded to understand


i had a dream i was actually watching a movie because i havent been watching movies in like a few weeks and essentally the me in my dream was making fun of me for not watching movies


ive had a dream of this one specific area that i always think about
its this small circular gorge leading into this lake
ive had memory of this specific area for years
and i can never get it out of my head
i dont know where its at all i know is its a cognitive place my mind has come up with for me
its possible it exists
it does exist
but idk where
every time i think about that place i always question if im ever going to find it
to be able to step foot on it
its such an atmospheric place
i wouldnt mind living there
i keep thinking about it
no one will ever understand what im talking about because you cannot put it into words
like i am serious when i say this but i desperately want to go there
even if someone is mind controlling me to want to do this
ok i lost the thought of what this place was to me but now i remember
its my own embodiment of a utopia ive created
i think
theres no other explanation for what it could be
utopias exist


i had a dream marshmello sang soulja boy


i had a dream my family was holding a party to mock me and all of my family members had telekinesis so they used their own mind control to lock me in one place which happened to be in the kitchen while i was trying to get something to drink and i was yelling for them to let me go then the police eventually came and arrested them all and they all immediately got sent to prison and as they did i was talking to one of the guards walking around the prison courtyard about the scenery of the prison itself and the hinges they had that kept the prisoners inside their cell
another thing that happened in my dream was i was playing pool with agent cooper and some other guy i forgot who it was but during the entire game we kept smirking at one another acting like we were all outwitting each other
i dont remember who won
you remember the scene in twin peaks where agent cooper was dreaming about laura and the tibetian guy
mine was almost like that
some random person i dont know was there


i had a dream someone in our community came up with the most deliberate suicide attempt so we had to find all the clues as to why they did so and the clues were either through notes or internet search terms and one of them was porn of oxes holding a stick of meat slapping rears and then it turned into a huge debate about what we all thought about modern rap


i had a dream there was a worldwide musical event where everyone around the world participated in a dance battle but then as the event progressed it turned into an apocalypse and a lot of people ended up dying during the event. the dream later cuts to a man running out in the apocalyptical land trying to survive as he has to stop and sit underneath a house because there was a mushroom parasite that infected him so he has to rub his face with mossy stone and he shouts "MUSHROOM MAN" as half of his face is completely covered, completely blinding one of his sides. then there was another person climbing up a set of stairs running from the apocalypse too who encounters a wasp but manages to grab it with their fingers and squash it, which ended up creating static electricity in the process


i had a dream there was a woman who had to go to the hospital because over 50% of her body was covered in tar and they told her to remove the tar out of her body it had to be removed by mouth or by the stomach so the woman on the first day said she wanted it done by stomach and they said she could come back once every 4 days to remove a quarter of the tar in her body until it was fully removed


i had a compilation of weird dreams last night
one of them was with my sister who passed away 4 years ago and i hardly thought about her recently and i still had a dream with her in it
she had some new friend that was roughly her age and we were in some hospital
i know her friend had black hair and some ear piercings but thats it


i had a dream last night that there were a group of people living on the sun called the sakis and they traded using the currency of certain light values
for some reason in the dream it looked like there was another big sun but it was some stars and also the earth


i had a dream where everyone was assigned to an A, B, or C class and these 2 twins were B-1 and B-2 but they got switched over to the A group because many of the A members were killed in a battle inside this huge assembly and the C group was completely vacant and after the twins moved the B group became vacant too
i had another dream where i was riding a bicycle on the road which i thought was completely normal and a woman was riding a silver van behind me and i swerved on the road because i freaked out about a van being behind me so i landed in the snowy grass


i remember i had this dream the other day where i was battling a huge dragon with one of my previous crushes and it was rpg style so we took turns fighting it and we used different moves and i think in one she either had a minecraft elytra or something similar to it with 2 separate parts attached


ok i had a bunch of weird dreams
in 1 i was driving across the bridge on the interstate and for whatever reason the physics of the universe caused me to fall off it and hide underneath it so i wrote in my own blood "HELP ME" hoping someone would help me escape
then after about 5-10 minutes someone was up to confused so i panicked until i realized it was some old friend i knew about
like they had arrived
so we talked and eventually he helped me out and in my dream i had 3 laptops, one was 3x bigger than the other and i had them in my car
i had this other weird dream where i was watching this woman and guy be disintegrated into a million pieces and watched their blood go everywhere
the woman was screaming
and i sliced the bottom of the guys head off
but there was someone with me that said that if you think about cutting any other parts you wont sleep easy tonight
and we were on a ship
and it was raining and storming badly outside
it was close to night time
the guy died but the woman didnt
the woman witnessed the guys death
and i woke up to the woman screaming because my reality was finally telling me it was a dream


i had a dream within a dream
so basically theres this app i got that recorded all of my recent dreams, and it was compilation of clips that my mind was able to process that lasted up to around 20-40 seconds at most
and in one of those dreams it was me driving with a ton of cars outside the area i work at at night time
what was weird was the fact that we were talking about the app here
and idk who else but i remember he mentioned it by posting an image of the dream catchers here and we talked about it here
i had another dream within a dream where i was inside this school and in the dream i was wearing glasses and was getting help from a teacher
it was a science class with some project we were working on
and in other dreams of dreams were creepy clips of me making weird and sinister sounds


i just remembered i had a dream last night where i was driving and accidentally hit a womans car in their driveway and she acted a little cold about it at first but we talked and she actually invited me inside her house so she introduced me to her husband and kids and fed me waffles with rainbow sprinkles


i had a matrix dream last night, but wouldnt it be cool to live a yesterday you once strived for
like a supernova


i had a dream i was a streamer


i had a dream about a cat
it was a black cat and i was obsessed with it


its weird last night i had a dream i understood the word death better
then the other night i was in some hell kaizo of some sort
LOL i actually forgot the death dream
i only remember an erotic pose from it thats it


i had a dream kfc and mcdonald's were closed so i couldn't order any food from either place


i had a dream pewdiepie was crippled and had a damaged face


one time i had a dream i crossed this long bridge into this huge tower


i had a weird dream the other night that i was underground and utsuho casted a spell on me


i had a dream where mr. krabs was rob the robot


the issue i have with odyssey is its insanely easy, and you get rewarded with nothing after every boss fight
theres also the perfect run at the end of the game that only rewards you with the title of beating the game and an invisible outfit
I want to sell my copy of odyssey
I beat it in 2 days, and it's extremely boring
I had fun until I beat the game
i'm going to play odyssey again just to see how bad it is
not now though
also the sand kingdom resembles botw perfectly
theres a small village and then around that village is absolutely nothing
thats what botw mainly consists of
most of my gameplay spent with botw is simply walking around
the only interesting parts of the game were when you could actually fight the blight ganons and strategize against them
I like BotW
i had to look up videos on how to beat the divine beasts during my first playthrough on every single one of them because of how cheap each challenge was thrown at you with barely any indication
I've spent almost 340 hours playing it and haven't gotten bored


the less you worry, the more productive you can be


i had a dream that i was reporting a dream i had
and then i woke up thinking it was the middle of the night


i had a dream where a lot of my stuff was warped into a different dimension and i was trying to figure out what i still had with me